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Sterilization Monitoring Service 

Acct. No. ******
The In - Skin Studio, Inc.
3709 Clarks River Road
Paducah Ky 42003.


Transfer No. 952617
Type Steam
Brand Midmark

Date Rec'd: 10/18/2018
Results: Pass
Results: No spore growth observed in TEST strip(s) after required incubation. Growth observed in CONTROL strip.

"Monitor sterilizers at least weekly by using a biological indicator with a matching control (i.e., biological indicator and control from same lot number)."
CDC Guidelines Dec. 19, 2003 (

"OSHA is relying on guidelines published by the CDC as a widely recognized and accepted standard to be followed by employers in carrying out their responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Act."
OSHA Technical Note No. 23 March 1, 1990

Please retain this report as verification that this office uses a Sterilization Monitoring Service as part of a formal Infection Control program. 
Renee R. Kambar 
Laboratory Manager  

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